Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


  1. Fixed random autosave issues for articles with glossaries.
    - bugfix
  2. Enhanced the file manager to keep original file names upon upload.
  3. Made the Helpjuice style guide for consistent branding and design.
  4. Modified the dashboard to count items post-page-load for improved performance.
  5. Include the latest revision names in the questions table for better clarity.
  6. Implemented further improvements to the dashboard for a better user experience.
  7. Eliminated all N+1 query issues on the dashboard for smoother operation.
  8. Improved CKEditor performance for faster loading.
  9. Added an abuse report URL to the footer for better accessibility and compliance.
  10. AI-Powered Image Description Search
    Implemented AI to generate image descriptions, enhancing search functionality.
    - [Feature]
  11. Accounts Cross Search Capability for Organizations
    Added the ability to search across multiple accounts for more flexible data management.
    - [Feature]
  12. Improved how article saves are handled when titles are changed.
  1. Add custom search support for Cyrillic keyboards
  2. Allow filtering articles by language shortcode on API v3
  3. Improvements to clear formatting
  4. Image file type is invalid is showing when pasting images -
  5. Activities page not searching users -
  6. When using the insert files option, show preview instead of file attachment
  1. When saving an article as a draft do not unpublish it
  2. Improvements to Article Feedbacks
  3. Added support for SVG images inside the editor
  4. Fixed -webkit- browser issues with a custom search functionally when contenteditable attribute is present -
  5. Added option to cancel account
  6. Added option to change plan
  1. Added Custom Search
  2. Allow users to update their job titles
  3. Added Tutorial Videos
  4. Inserted articles show 404 -
  1. Remove Table of Contents from Search Results
  2. Remove Spacial Characters from Category URL -
  3. Added Parent ID and Name to Category API V3
  1. Dashboard Speed Optimization -
  2. Commenting Improvements -
  3. Helpjuice API - Add Article Keywords -
  4. Different Articles Can Have the Same URL Slug If They Are in Separate Categories -
  5. Protected Keywords Translation -
  6. Remove Special Characters from Article URL -
  7. Related Articles Displaying Content from Wrong Language -
  1. Added Template Preview Feature
  2. Sharable URL Redirects to Login Page -
  3. Added User Filters to Activities for API
  4. Added Option to Activate/Deactivate Users via API
  1. Improved Loading Speed on Editor Page
  2. Improved Loading Speed on Groups Page
  3. Added Freshdesk Integration
  4. Added Real-Time Collaboration
  1. Added Microsoft Teams Integration
  2. Table Options not Showing up Inside Custom Elements -
  1. Added Option to Import Wistia Videos
  2. Improve Editor Toolbar Experience
  3. Added Group Attribute for SAML SSO
  4. Don't let the Chrome extension construct its own Knowledge Base urls -
  5. Don't Show Archived Categories on Frontend -
  6. Include Retry-After header on HTTP 429 errors -
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