When an outside user is on our https://help.mi4p.com/odyssey2userguide page, at the top is the 'Search' with a magnifying glass. If a term or word is typed in there, I know that a list of pages (articles) is then presented to the user
However, is there a way that if a user clicks on an article as a result of the search, that HelpJuice can drill down and take a user to that specific term/section of said article or at least provide a list of that searched term?
Example: At the top of https://help.mi4p.com/odyssey2userguide, I search for 'Attributes'.
The first page at the top of the returned search is 'Definitions of Terms'.
Within this page about 1/2 way down is a section called 'Attribute'.
Can HelpJuice take a user directly to the 'Attribute' section of the https://help.mi4p.com/137112-what-is-odyssey-v2-0/definitions-of-terms?from_search=77468265 article so that a user doesn't have to scroll to find where on that potentially long page the searched word or words of 'Attribute' is found?
This would help our users not have to scroll or figure out Ctrl + F to use search from their browser (as many don't know that Crtl +F is something that can be done within a browser).